Avaya Partner 6 Telephone

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Avaya Partner 6 Telephone

The Avaya Partner 6 is a basic, cost effective telephone with 4 programmable line/feature keys and 2 intercom buttons.  Dual red and green LED indicator lights make it easy to manage calls even during the busiest times.

Used/Refurb: $49.99



  • 4 programmable buttons with dual LEDs for line or feature appearances
  • Built-in conference, transfer, hold, and speaker buttons
  • Full duplex speakerphone for hands free operation


  • The Avaya Partner 6 telephone is compatible with Partner, Partner Plus, Partner II, or Partner ACS
  • Also compatible with IP Office Quick Version or Basic Edition equipped with IP500 ETR 6 Base Card
 Looking for additional info? No problem! Check out the manual here.

Features and Capabilities

  • Full line of system phones, some with displays showing date, time, and programming and feedback messages. All system phones provide access to multiple outside lines and system features.
  • Programmable buttons on system phones, providing one-touch access to system features simply by pressing the button.
  • Intuitive operation of basic call handling capabilities including transfer, conference, and hold.
  • Intercom (inside) calling to other system extensions using an Intercom button and the two-digit number assigned to the extension. Users can either ring or voice signal an idle system phone; use Voice Interrupt on Busy to signal another user who is active on a call; or manually signal to audibly alert another predetermined extension.
  • Grouping of extensions for flexibility in directing and answering calls.
  • Integrated voice messaging support with the PARTNER MAIL VS system or PARTNER MAIL system, so callers can reach a desired extension or group without operator assistance and leave messages at unanswered or busy extensions.